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  1. Ah! Thanks. I thought I did all this - but I didn't realize that when I clicked "include bleed" and "include printer's marks", it would clear the "type" of PDF I was choosing (PDF for print). When I closed the "More" box, I'd go back and select PDF for print from the dropdown menu, but for some reason, that resets the options that were clicked in the "more" panel. Not sure if I'm articulating this well, but anyhow I was able to do it - so your post helped. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi. Firstly - AFFINITY is AWESOME. Very happy with it; but now I'm having a bit of difficulty. I'm trying to export an 8.5"x11" image with a 1/4" bleed... I can't seem to get the print marks to go "inside" the border for bleed trimming. I'm somewhat new to this particular avenue of design - maybe I'm missing something? I watched a really good tutorial about this online, but I tried exactly the same steps and it doesn't yield the same results. Any suggestions? I'm really stumped. I bought the workbook, and it's great, but this is the one area where they don't seem to go into enough detail... Thanks, Jon