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  1. I am working on the Wine cellar.   I have some good experience working with Designer but there are some new concepts here for me and I am struggling with the quality of the instructions. Specifically on page 245 discussing the overlapping ellipses and rectangles and using the subtract function.  After trial and error I think I figured out which shape should be where in layers, but when it came to the divide and removal of unnecessary shapes I am not getting correct results.  Simple step by step examples would help a lot.  The earlier example making the barrel and referring back to info on page 96 fall way short.  I don’t mind figuring things out but I need just a little more technique insight to help.  It is an instructional workbook after all.
    Also I am using the iPad version and the workbook completely ignores shortcuts, etc relative to iPad.  For instance I can’t find the gesture to allow me to skew shape (is there one?) so I go to transform studio and use shear.
    I worked through the Skyline tutorial and found it started out very helpful and detailed in explanations (even giving HSL values for colors!) only to become vague and confusing after a few pages.
    Are there other supplemental resources for these projects.
    I have also purchased the Photo workbook.  
    Designer & Photo programs are excellent but I find the workbooks not up to par.  They lack some basic information, eg. not explaining what the icons in the contextual, menu of the Move tool mean.  I know where to find this info in the help files of the program but this is an example of something that should’ve been included in book (IMO.) There is so much wasted space per page that the print could’ve been larger and easier to see/read. The aqua captions are difficult to see unless very good lighting.

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  2. I am following one in the workbook that I purchased and on page 165 talked about importing a document pallet. But those options are not available on the iPad I assume this is just a desktop capability. Frustrating that I spent the money on the book and they do not have notes about differences in the iPad version.

  3. I recently got a new iPad air. I was successfully able to migrate all of my Designer files to the new iPad during setup process. I had to use my old iPad for a few new projects after setup of new iPad. I am now able to use my new iPad but cannot find the projects I created on the old iPad since my initial migration of files.  Don’t these files just sync to the new iPad just like other files and photos would win connected to Wi-Fi? If not how can I get newly created files from my old iPad onto my new one?

  4. On 10/10/2017 at 1:07 AM, carl123 said:

    That is quite possibly the worst picture you could have uploaded to get help with this. 

    If you want more help you really need to upload the full picture at a decent resolution.




    No reason to sugar coat your response. Didn’t realize how picture quality would degrade in upload. Sorry you needed a picture with better resolution before you could suggest ideas for helping me understand how to better blend tones of two dissimilar photos. Fortunately I had some time to play around with adjustments specifically Levels and HSL & I was able to do a very good job of blending the two photos.  My suggestion to others dealing with this question is to use those adjustments with pre-selected areas of the photo(s) so you can isolate where those adjustments take place.

  5. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the PS solution brought up by the link didn’t provide information I could apply to my question in AP.  The image I am attaching shows an upper layer with a head of much paler tones then the under layer showing the neck of person whose head I’m trying to replace.  Want to be able to blend the upper head to match skin tones of neck (and rest of body) of lower layered person.  I’ve looked at many tutorials (from frequency separation to blend modes) & have not been able to figure out yet.  I hope I am just missing something obvious that someone can point out to me.


  6. Having issues with text looking pixelated, shadowy, fuzzy in project.  Happens whether I create text within the project or create separate text only (not a pixel layer) document then try to copy/paste into working project.

  7. Thank you for the Quick mask tutorial.  it really makes some selections much easier. I do have a question though, for some reason I am getting inconsistent color of selected item. Could it be that when I select the white brush I am not at pure white? It seems that there should be easy way to go back and forth between black and white rather than ever to use the color wheel each time. 


  8. Ezra,

    I am making my way through the course.  Well done.  Although I am much more comfortable with my understanding and can follow I find the Adjustments & Filter section videos lack some of the depth of explanation found in the earlier videos.

    Question: I have several selections (of people) that I copied to their own pixel layer in Channels but I am having a challenge figuring out how to copy these selections into different photo.  It's probably somewhere in the course vids.

    Thanks for the great work.

  9.  Histograms come up automatically in the Mac version  when making adjustments etc. I think. I do not see them on the iPad version unless I push the metadata icon.  Is there a preference settings so that I can have histograms appear and be manipulated in my adjustments etc.?

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