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  1. oscar is gonna be a tough one, gotta add a garbage can in it lol
  2. Image 1 - Nightmare on Sesame St. Elmo. I saw another group of photos made from an unknown artist. thought i'd take a stab at my own version. my next one will be of big bird, then cookie monster, and the oscar the grouch
  3. OK so you first thought is. WTF? why the whisk and the spoon? well a few days ago I posted a pretty cupcake I made for a coworker with a small baking business. well she changed her mind. no she wants a skull with a whisk and a ppoon crossed like a pirates flag. with the words Better Cream Bakers above it. well i haven't foumd the right font for it just yet/ but here it is. the reason why I say its the best skull i have ever illustrated is because before today. I have never drawn a skill with this amount of shading, detail. lots of smudge tool. I REALLY like that tool now hahahaha. enjoy
  4. Lol i thought starbucks too. No the saucer honestly is super optional plus it gave me time to practice my shading and glass affect skill. Im very good at taking constructive criticism. I like hearing people thoughts, as long as they have something constructive to buold upon
  5. So one of my co-workers has her own side gig baking some bomb.com deserts. I made this for her cause she doesn't do computers and am helping her build her website. happy to help and start a new project. the name is a little off but nothing i can't fix. I usually like keeping things minimal so i can add to it later. leave it as a blank templet kinda thing lol
  6. This is just some quick "TILE" work i like to do. I guess what inspired me to create this was feeling the scales on a snake. it's a little chaotic, I guess this is why drawing and designing brings chaos to order in my mind. kinda reminds me of the affinity logo lol Drew
  7. Spent a few does working on this one. I'm new to Affinity, and wanted to really see how to use a few features in the effects section. really like the 3D rendering. I've never used a feature like that before. cool stuff hope y'all enjoy it. AR.
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