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  1. robshep

    JPEG File size

    Hi, I can't determine why JPEG files are so huge, even when pixel-size and quality are reduced. See the export window screenshot. Half a Meg for a 2x2px at 2% quality? I've also attached a 30px Q10 JPEG which is also 547Kb! A Tiff of the same is 14Kb. Surely a bug? Or some wierd artifact of my source material?
  2. Thank you both, especially OwenR - that is really great, thank you very much. What a legend! With your help i completed my edits in less time than I spent hacking on my own yesterday. I'm very grateful for your help. Thanks again Rob
  3. Hi, I'm a beginner to graphic design etc so please bear with me whilst I wrangle the terminology. I'm starting with an existing vector shape: https://www.123rf.com/photo_58944851_male-human-body-with-head-turned-to-side-flat-icon-for-apps-and-websites.html I want to be able to cut it up to have different limbs and body sections on each layer. I.e. Face, Head, Neck, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Some quite small and internal (E.g. Spine will be a strip in the middle) I don't know how to slice it with seamless boundaries.... Any pointers appreciated. Thanks Rob (Ultimately export to SVG then do hover and click effects on each limb)