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  1. Im having the same issue as Jimmini, When attempting to move the text parameters on a curve when holding the command button on a mac. goes to 100% CPU and AD becomes unresponsive. Ive tried in a different user and same issue again. Specs: Macbook Pro 2012, 2.3 GHz i7, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB Makers Mark - Henry.afdesign
  2. Thanks for the quick reply gdenby, Im not sure how that spaces my segments out? Im currently tracing and item to get the segments but i want to "tidy" the end trace.
  3. Hi Guys Once again another newbie, but I hope you have some brain energy to spare! My current predicament is, even after reading the AD guide, that I'm unable to find a way to equally space rhomboids within my design. My design essentially is a suite of Amor with varying rhomboids to make up the armour, Im looking for a way to make sure that all the pieces have equal distances between them. I have tried the transform tool but this is really restricted to nodes within each curve to a X and Y coordinates which would require a lot of pythagoras! I was thinking is there any way to set equal distance between the lines which the nodes create?