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    Crash when opening RAW file

    Doesn’t look like it. Affinity has not updated their iOS app in quite a long time, and it this seems this problem was not addressed in the last update... This is an issue that can only be resolved by the App Developers. Or you can completely destroy the editing latitude you have with RAW files and convert them to JPGs in a computer then push those files back to your mobile device... sad... I really had high hopes to do some basic PCC and mild editing on my iPad while on the road... now I still carry my laptop to do the editing I feel like I should be able to do on me pad... Affinity, are you listening to your customer base? Is this a dead thread and needs to be referenced in a new one to get your attention? cheers, Brian
  2. Brian V

    Crash when opening RAW file

    It’s sad that this hasn’t been addressed... I haven’t touched Affinity because of this issue. Losing so much control over the image under jpg compression is unacceptable. it would be nice to finally get an update that would allow RAW / ARW file compatibility. I noticed the incompatibility issue back in August while touring, posted it here once I returned home in September of 2017 & this still hasn’t been resolved. I wonder how difficult file compatibility is... aloha, Brian
  3. Brian V

    Crash when opening RAW file

    Thank you again for looking into this. Please find the attached screenshot of my Affinity App. Once i I touch the check mark, the app crashes. This is repeatable. Aloha, Brian
  4. Brian V

    Crash when opening RAW file

    Please find the attached DNG. I haven't had any issues in the past opening these in my MBP or on Lightroom. my DNG image appears black in Affinity, but I used my WD Passport Pro (wifi HDD) to get them image from the Mavic to my iPad. With the WD, I can import the file directly into my photo library on my iPad. Thank you you for looking into this further. Aloha, Brian IMG_1124.DNG
  5. Brian V

    Crash when opening RAW file

    Oscar and Chris, I'm experiencing the same black screen and crash. iOS 10.3, Affinity I get the same crash results from using ARW files from my A7Rii and also DNG files from my X5, or Mavic. has there been any resolution to this problem that was not posted here? Or will there be a compatibility resolution in the next update? Aloha, Brian

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