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  1. Thank you for your quick reply. That is useful to know. I will watch the video to learn more about preserving user settings.. As it was, I remembered that I had a fresh backup copy of the program installed on a another hard drive. I uninstalled the corrupted version with App Cleaner and copied the fresh version back onto my work disk. The program now works perfectly and it only took a few minutes and I have no more issues. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it before ????…….Fredzheimers perhaps….. Thanks again…..
  2. Until this morning Affinity Photo has worked just fine for over a year,however today, it crashes whenever I try to save a file. It seems to be so corrupted I can no longer work with it. It is also running more slowly than normal. I am running it on a Mac Pro OS 10.7.5 as I am unable to upgrade to more recent OS systems due to the age of my computer which is no longer supported by Apple. I have already run Disc Repair, the disc is OK and I also repaired the permissions but to no avail. It still crashes. I think the problem might be solved if I trash a preferences file but there are four of them. Question….Can I trash them all or is there one in particular I should trash ? I don't want to make the situation worse by trashing a wrong one. Or as a secondary solution…..should I just do a reinstall which means having to go through the App Store again and that is always a pain ? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks Limey
  3. I had a big shock this morning when I tired to use the "open" option.The program immediately crashed and continued to do so every time I tried to use that option after that. I usually use the "open recent" which has never been a problem and still isn't. I was in a panic until I just dragged and dropped a file into a window. All my assorted files now open with this method without problems although I have a suspicion that clicking the "open " option for any file will not work any more. The program is corrupted and even Mac disc repair and permissions repair has no affect on it. I have reset the preferences and nothing changed there either. Maybe re-installing might do it but I think I'll wait to do that in case that makes it worse. Hopefully this option will work for anyone having similar issues.