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  1. I noticed in the App Store, within the App description itself, it's stated that: "** Affinity Photo for iPad supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017). Please note that older iPads are not supported. **" I see that iPad Air 2 is supported, but I'm wondering just about the original iPad Air (first model). In the 'Compatibility' section under the app's 'Information' header at the bottom, it says it's compatible with 'iPad Air,' (which would be my model), then later says it's compatible with 'iPad Air 2'. It's worth noting that the 'WiFi + Cellular' versions of both the iPad Air & iPad Air 2 are supported, as well. I'm on iOS 10.3.2 (minimum required is iOS 10.3 or later, so just barely slipped by), and on an iPad Air 1. The overall question I would like to ask is 'Will Affinity Photo work on my iPad Air (first model) - and will it work well (just as good as any higher iOS) on my current iOS version, which is 10.3.2? (Yes, I'm aware newer model iPads will run the app better, if anything, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything significant) Thanks in advance.

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