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  1. Good to know that I'm not the only one experiencing that - I searched the forum but didn't find that specific problem.
  2. Unfortunately Dropbox upload doesn't work. Tried it 5 times now. Upload stops at 10-11% with an error ("An error occured. Please try again."). It works not even with a single file. It worked with Edge. Files are uploaded. Btw.: I can edit the raw images in AP and LR 5, and I can open them in Windows Gallery. The photos are taken with a Pentax K-5 II (firmware 1.07), file format is DNG (v1.1).
  3. Did another test to narrow down the problem. When combining the same raws with these options, it works: With these option it crashes: Coud it be that the "reduce noise" function is a bit picky in combination with other options?
  4. Hi, when I try to combine 3 raw files to a hdr with activated option "reduce noise", AP crashes. When I do the same with option "reduce noise" turned off, it works. But then I get a horribly noisy picture (high iso, long exposure). The crash happens during this step ("Remove noise"). My system: Win 10 Pro, Core i7 (4 Cores), 16 GB RAM.
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