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  1. Hello, thanks for answering. What do you mean there are no textures included in the programme? Every Brush has one or multiple heads and a Paper Texture. What if i like one Paper Texture in one brush and want to try it in another brush? What about filling with Textures? All these Textures (brush heads, papers) should be available in an actual folder to browse from or at least available as a library from inside the programme. Having used tons of graphic application that work as such, i find no reason to keep these Textures obscured from the user, if that is the case. If that is the case, i urge the developers to change it and give us the opportunity to inspect (resolution, quality etc.) and creatively reuse (in other brushes, as fills etc.) all these textures. Anything else, feels not logical at all. We try to support Affinity and promote it, but such things feel very like talking about a tablet toy, and not a full pledged, desktop application that can compete photoshop, which in some cases, it can, that is why it is more of a pitty.
  2. Hello there, When creating new brushes or modifying existing ones, how is it possible to browse existing textures to use? A. set texture launches file browser, textures are nowhere. B. add nozzle, the same. C. Bitmap fill, the same. (by the way, bitmap fill is in a tool named gradient? really?? why not merging tools and adding tolerance to gradients as well? well.) Wish i am missing something and this is not a giant developer, Ups, we did it again. thanks for replying, in advance.