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  1. You may not believe this! First a little background to my own ability just so that you will see this in its true context. Been a Mac user for 30 years plus.So wrestling with the Mac OS and Mac Apps is not new to me - although I should add that being a Mac user (but Windows also in parallel at times) Mac problems are rare in comparison. Worked on the fringe of Graphics over all the years although encouraged my son who is over 40 now to go into graphic design in which he holds a senior post now. Restarted my Mac.... Yes that familiar fall back of old when all else fails but not usually in this sort of situation! Yes, really and yes with the same settings in AD I got a print to edge! At first I suspected an update to the Epson driver (which happens in the background) as I have to refuse the most recent Epson firmware update as it will render my printers useless with the current ink that I use - yes guys in case you didn't know that all printer manufacturers are apparently resorting to these tactics to try and stop use of alternative ink cartridges supplies. Anyhow thanks for your time guys - just trying to repay with this information - would welcome any further comments you may have. Best Geoff
  2. Yes have also tried adjustments to these settings to no avail. I am really surprised that there is little on this subject in the forum. Being able to print such quality in short runs on inkjet printers has so many applications where the main printing 'universe' cannot compete. However being able to print to edge is such a basic option to be able to choose from. Thanks for your responses and efforts anyhow. Will have to dig deeper I suspect.
  3. My options are quite different. And as far as I can tell all options have been tried - and that is the print dialogue box alone - no other adjustments made within AD document setup. Even the image doesn't show a border! - but unfortunately I keep getting a 3mm border on every printout. There are 2 places within the print dialogue box where borderless can be chosen as can be seen in the image.
  4. I have no problem printing o edge in Apple Pages on my Epson 900 by choosing 'page setup' - A4 borderless, then choosing borderless in the print dialogue box. Don't have these options in Affinity designer. Tried all sorts including increasing page size by 3mm all round. (3mm coz that is the white border that I continually get when printing) Amazingly cannot find this question being asked (in many forms) - makes me feel stupid!
  5. Anyone recommend using the Aurora HDR app on top of the hdr facility in Affinity photo. Thanks
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