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    industrial/product design, e-learning design
  1. Finally said good riddance to the vector and photo-editing tools from a bloated, unnamed company and now exclusively use Designer and Photo. Love them. Can't wait until the Publisher is released for sale. Question: will Affinity ever consider a 3D modeling/animation – or a Motion Graphics program?
  2. Harrisonwells

    Blend tool?

    Thank you! Yes, Blend/Replicate is exactly what I was looking for. Perhaps in a future version.
  3. Hi all, anyone know if there is a Blend tool? or is it under a different name perhaps? Looking for a tool that takes two shapes and blends them together with one or more steps. Thanks
  4. This is exactly what I've been searching for. Much appreciated!
  5. Hi, I'm very new to Designer and I absolutely love it. Is it possible for the purple colored outline of any shape/text/object to be hidden somehow? Example attached. I tried looking in preferences but without success. If its not possible no problem, I just find it a bit distracting especially when I have a custom outline. Thank you

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