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  1. Hi Sukh, it did work for me. I had to use an early pdf export file. I'll have to retrace my steps as I can't remember quite. Like you, I had more issues with the interior pages which I found very frustrating as Ingram Sparks never tell why the upload fails! I am busy today but will look into is again for you.
  2. Just to follow on from with this thread. I am using Publisher and am struggling to create the correct PDF format for the inside pages of my book. I know it is possible as my cover design has been accepted. I am now saving my Publisher book in PDF/X-3:2003 and hope that does the trick.
  3. Unfortunately Publisher crashed this morning when I attempted to open the Resource Manager upon start up. Last night I hadn't completed linking all the images.
  4. Thank you for responding Lee. I have renamed the folder, then opened Publisher and the Resource Manager says the files are missing. The screen shot I have attached shows the Resource Manager at this stage. You mention then to delete the resources. This I am not sure of as the resources are now in a renamed folder and obviously I don't want to delete these. The Resource Manager doesn't seem to have a delete function - or am I just not seeing it? The file is actually multiple files as there are a lot of images and each image is saved in a folder of that animal - i.e. Tiger images are s
  5. Ok - so I haven't solved this one yet! Affinity Publisher has crashed several times already this morning which has meant I've needed to repeat the work I have done. Sometimes it is crashing when I save. It also crashes when the resource manager is attempting to update the changes I have made. I have attached a screen shot of the program upon opening the file.
  6. Looks like I've managed to solve this one by double checking all the image files before loading up Resource Manager.
  7. Hi there, I hope someone can help. I am creating a 24 page picture book in Publisher, and have almost completed it but I am having problems with the linked/embedded resources. Originally I embedded the images, then later converted to linking them as the files are quite large. Every time I open the document the resource manager tells me the resources are missing (I haven't moved them). Today I uninstalled Publisher and re-installed ( as it crashed everytime I got to the point of the resource manager message. This hasn't helped. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance. Sally :)
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