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  1. toltec, thank for the hint. I went ahead and subscribed to vectormagic. If I did this everyday, that $250 app, which I previewed, would be worth every dime! Now that I have converted the image to vectors, of the available saved formats, what is suggested for what I am doing? SVG, EPS, or PDF? Thanks
  2. This is a total newb question. Please forgive me in advance for wasting your time with such a question. I have tinkered with Illustrator and Photoshop over the years. I understand the lingo and the differences between pixel and vector based graphics. While I just don't want to fool with Adobe anymore, I'd like to thank Serif for the Affinity applications. If I am working on a logo (see attached) and I use Designer to do the donut, star, letters, but I go to the web and find reasonably high-resolution images to work with for NC state silhouette, the tower (the radio signals are vectors from Designer), and the flags, what's going to happen when I go to expanding this logo and so forth? Are the pixels converted to vectors and therefore they will work appropriately or am I going to have issues with pixelation in the non-vector parts of the logo? I will bite the bullet and create this stuff from scratch if I need to, but good LORD the time savings! Thanks again, Wilson Hines Graphic Beginner.