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  1. I do appreciate this isn’t your fault and am grateful for the prompt and concise technical support. If I can’t find another use for the app I will contact Apple as suggested. I do use it on OS X and am on the mailing lists, so if I do end up with an iOS refund, I’ll keep following new releases in case there is a change that means I might re-purchase.
  2. That’s unfortunate. In that case I’m going to need a refund please, as the software is useless for all images I purchased it for. Apple haven’t supported the Sigma Foveon cameras since they were released in 2002, two years before DNG was even invented. I doubt that fifteen years later they have any plans to work on them. I’m disappointed as DNG is supposed to be a standardised format, not one where I have to scrutinise lists for vendor specific support. It’s likely that the bugs are Apple’s, and telling that Adobe - originators of the format - have it working fine in Lightroom. None of which is my fault, nor helps me as a customer. Affinity is just about the most expensive app I have on iOS but sadly I won’t have any use for it. I’m no artist, and bought this purely for the digital negative workflow.
  3. I just purchased Affinity on new high capacity iPad (long time Mac user) specifically for DNG files from a Sigma camera. These import into the Photos app off SD card fine and also import and are fully editable normally inside Lightroom, which is free but limited. i was really disappointed to step through Affinity’s import process with everything looking fine until the actual Develop stage, where all you get is a black image and histogram to match. It just doesn’t work at all. Not quite at the level of laptop replacement on iPads just yet...? I have attached screenshots of the import and Develop process along with a sample Raw file. They’re huge - some 100MB or so each. C76D1EF6-85AC-4EC1-8087-5E117A30DA7E.dng
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