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  1. It has the photo, liquify, selection and develop, commands and selection icons on the top bar and my camera is a canon eso 100D thanks
  2. It is an iPad Pro 12.7 the photos I am importing are from my iPad photos downloaded from my canon camera, it is happening all the time I have been editing my photos today and after editing two photos I am unable to import another from my photos until I close the app and reopen, then only can import two and have to do the same again. This has only been happening since the update.it gets stuck on the loading from photos screen with the little wheel just going around but not loading.
  3. I can am having trouble importing from photos since the last update on the iPad version this week. i open affinity and import a photo, work on it and export it then when I go to import the next photo the screen just stays on loading photo screen, I have to close the app then import from photos again I can maybe import twice then I need to close the app before I can import another two photos