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  1. Hello everybody. I'm facing a possible problem with the METADATA datas per each photo in the above described environment. Whenever I edit a photo, I do not see any mismatch. The problem I'm falling down is that whenever I recognize an error in the metadatas I already saved for a photo, there are no ways to fix it. EXAMPLE: METADATA/FILE/DESCRIPTION I wrote: This photo ARE representing ... (then I saved and exported the photo) Instead of: This photo IS representing ... I'm not able to fix the error. Able to re-open both the '.afphoto' and the 'exported file'; Able to apply the updates, and able to save them. Unfortunately the process does not really save the update I filled in (from ARE to IS, in this example). Des anyone had same mismatch ? Thanks in advance for any help
  2. I've upgraded to 186, both Designer and Photo from MAC STORE. I do now need to downgrade to 184, but, even if old versions, I've been reading there are no chance. Still there this kind of problem ? Surely no chance ? Thanks in advance
  3. Murfee, how can I say, my carelessness some times costs so much ... Better if I don't exactly explain what I did wrong ! Anyway, my obvious mistake. Thanks Murfee for your patience.
  4. Thanks guys, but I'm still observing a strange behaviour. Don't know ...
  5. Hi folks, I apologize for this probably simple question, but I'm getting lost... Is it a fact that tools such as DODGE&BURN can not work on a pixel layer ? Editing a really old analogic photo I 'realized' dodge (or one of the other two) does not work on a pixel layer whilst it is obviously performing its proper job on the background layer. I'm perhaps wrong, but I used those tools on 'new' pixel layers as well, in the past. Can anyone swiftly help me ? Where I'm getting wrong ? Thanks in advance
  6. Found out a solution. Don't still know if it is a proper solution rather than a circumvention. Anyway, if this would someone else problem as well, I firstly 'moved' final .afphoto version up to AD. Then File-Doc Preferencies, updating margin panels consequently. Again, don't know if it's the correct way to manage such a situation, but this achieves target ...
  7. Hi all. Perhaps my question is due to a lack of knowledge, but I'm in trouble in identifying where is the solution to my question. Working on a very simple project. The attached 'FileA' is the APhoto 'source' and FileB is the exported pdf one. The matter is related with the typography need to have the red ellipses entirely printed into the pdf file. As you can see from FileA, those red ellipses exceed margins file and typographer does need to have the entire ellipses bodies printed out into the pdf file, even overflowing margin. This because of any possible 'cutting' problems. Can anyone help me here please ? Thanks in advance, Luca FileA.afphoto FileB.pdf
  8. Hey Chris I'm away from home for a while working with another gear, so unfortunately I cannot provide you with topics you're asking to send you over... Problem solved anyway, even if I wouldn't be able to exactly explain how. What I did was to manage app caches and some other maintenance stuff on the pc. I honestly do not think that mismatch could be an AP problem even if I do not have any 'internal' knowledge. Thanks anyway Take care
  9. Carl123, thanks. CLONE 800, OPACITY 100%, FLOW 60%....
  10. Hi all. It's a couple of day I'm working on a project where CLONE tool has been very helpful. Until today, where I really am in trouble in recognizing what's suddenly going wrong. Get images visible in the source panel, and having the clone 'starting point' selected for each of them. On to the destination image, after selecting the appropriate layer and the image I have to clone from, simply nothing happen. Even starting from scratch with 'test' files, same behaviour. Environment: AP 152 on MacBook Pro, plus macros from affinity I installed early this morning Can anybody help me in understanding where I'm wrong ? Thanks in advance Luca
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