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  1. I did join the beta program and saw the same problems. I am using the latest iOS 11, and have tried every conceivable combination of uninstalls, reboots, and reinstalls. The problems are consistently there every time I try to use the app. I submitted a bug report via the beta test system, but did not hear anything back yet.
  2. Btw, that sample image is the Mermaid one included with the app.
  3. photo on iPad has been completely non-functional for me. iPad Pro 10.5” on iOS 11 beta 5 (similar on latest iOS 10). when loading any image I usually just get a transparent checkered background. Does not matter what file type, any image from photos app including jpeg, raw and screen grab. I even loaded one of the sample files, and only a single layer shows on the canvas, although the layers panel indicates they are all there and should be visible (see attached shot) even just creating a new blank canvas is unworkable. I get the simple white background, but the brush either does not work or results in some weird randomized blocky pixel noise (also attached). Does not matter if using pencil or finger. Very frustrating. Love the Mac app, but have been able to do zero with the iPad version. Have reset the settings in Photo, removed, rebooted, reinstalled, and updated to the latest version as of today. No positive change. All of my other apps, including photo, video and graphics editing apps, are working fine.

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