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  1. Fnx50

    Won't load raw images

    Hi Chris I have found the problem is with iCloud. I contacted Apple and (48 minutes later) the told me I had to import photos directly from the file source, not iCloud. I have just used the Affinity App connected directly to my camera and it works fine. It reads nef files. All my photos are backed up on an external hard drive but the iPad won't access as it can't power it up. It also can't read nef (raw) files from a SD card. So, apologies, but the problem I have is with the Apple iPad and not Affinity. However, if anyone on this forum has a solution, I would appreciate some help. I can't store all my raw photos (1000's) on SD cards and plug them into my camera everytime I want to access and edit them. Cheers David
  2. Fnx50

    Won't load raw images

    Hi I use a Nikon DSLR D7000 which use the .nef suffix to file numbers. Sample attached: Thanks David DSN_1375.NEF
  3. I have a new IPad Pro 12.9. When I try to load raw images the screen goes into loading stage but does not proceed any further. I cannot exit the program and have to power down my IPad and restart to be able to return to the home screen. It is the only way I can exit the app. I bought the app specifically to edit raw images. Why is this so?

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