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  1. As soon as I lift off the adjustment brush when refinding the selection and then reapply it, the brush guide is no longer visible. When I call the refining tool again, the same thing happens. Screen_Capture.mov
  2. I have a problem with the refiner function for the selection. When I call it up, I see the area that I paint over first (light pink) . However, after setting down and restarting the brush, this visibility is no longer there. Calling the refinement again does not bring the function back either. How do I get the refinement function back to work correctly? Mac iOS 10.12.6, Affinity Photo 1.9 Deutsch: Ich habe ein Problem mit der Verfeinerungsfunktion für die Auswahl. Wenn ich sie aufrufe, so sehe ich den Bereich, den ich zuerst überstreiche (hellrosa) . Nach dem Absetzen und Neuanstzen des Pinsels ist diese Sichtbarkeit aber nicht mehr vorhanden. Auch ein erneutes Aufrufen der Verfeinerung bringt die Funktion nicht zurück. Wie erreiche ich das korrekte Arbeiten mit der Verfeinerungsfunktion zurück?
  3. Half an hour ago everything worked out fine with the pre-version of Affinity Photo. All Nik filters could be called without any problems in Version 1.6. I still owned the Google version of the NIK filters. I had bought all the filters before the Google takeover. My Topaz filters still work fine after the update. HDR Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro 2, Colour Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2 do not work!. The rest work (Dfine 2, Sharpener, Viveza 2)
  4. After today's update of Affinity Photo (1.7) the app freezes after calling a NIK filter. A message appears: Fonts are being updated. But the process has no end. Please correct as soon as possible, because I am preparing an exhibition!
  5. After the update to version the problems are no longer present. No, I have not applied any adjustment layers to the imige. Affinity Publisher is developing into an excellent program. I have already designed two photo books with it and received excellent proof prints results. I will buy the hopefully soon coming final version immediately! With kind regards Klaus
  6. After the update to Publisher version there are problems when exchanging images (Replace Image - Button). The newly inserted image is displayed "overexposed". The new image can only be resolved by deleting the old image and then reinserting the new image. Klaus
  7. Hi Callum, thank you for your quick response! Is it possible to implant this in a subsequent version (perhaps as an option to place the panels always on the second monitor, whether it is on or not). With my old Photoshop version it works without problems - so should be possible in principle. With kind regards Klaus
  8. I work in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer with two monitors each. On the second are always my panels. When I start Affinity and I have not yet turned on the second monitor, the panels on the main monitor appear in the same order as they were on the second monitor. Now I haveto push the Panels manually again to the second monitor. Is there a way that Affinity basically puts the panels on the second monitor, even if it is not yet switched on?
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