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  1. Welllll, I backed up the fresh 1.0 folder (just in case), and just shoved all the old stuff back. Now it's not crashing. Makes no sense to me whatsoever, but I'll take it.
  2. Cheers @GabrielM for speedy response! Followed almost to the letter, I restarted designer, rather than publisher Seems to have fixed it. What are your thoughts on selective restoring from backups or starting from scratch?
  3. Hi, I'm using Designer Program consistantly crashes when clicking on "create new category" in the Assets panel. I get an Unhandled Exception message prior to the affinity crash report window (report has been submitted). On reloading the Designer, a category called "assets" has been created which is, re-nameable, can create sub-cats, etc. let me know if more info is needed. Cheers
  4. Cheers for the video, that makes some sort of sense. I am novice to this sort of thing but after a bit of reading around is the following in anyway true? The eps opened with correct workspace in affinitydesigner. Does affinity designer save its own bit of information in the eps? Programs other than affinity designer are treating the eps as an object within their defined workspaces, therefore do not recognize the page size information? Thanks for your time on this
  5. I've tested with Photoshop CC (i agree with you, but I need as vector), Macromedia freehand mx, illustrator CC, Libreofficedraw. The shape remains at correct proportions, it's just the document size not working in most programs I'm confused by. Cheers
  6. Hi Callum. Apologies for double post. Sent again this morning through frustration - I have wasted hours with this now. More patience needed in future See attached afdesign file and eps exported from that file. A1 Page in landscape. The eps will open correctly in affinity designer - not in any other program. Document Size A1.afdesign Document Size A1.eps
  7. I Can't export any files with correct document bounds. The files are not opening correctly. Does anyone have any ideas how to make the exported document have the correct paper size?
  8. When exporting a document as *.eps or (saving as *.ai) the resulting file has an A4 document size when opened with something other than Affinity Designer. The drawing spans the original area but page size does not. I have created a couple of new blank files at different sizes and they all open with A4 document size in other programs. Am I missing something in the export page? Thanks in advance

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