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  1. In Preferences what does "enable pointer support" do?
  2. How can I know which tab is open? If I have six projects all that start with the same name and one is open I should see the one open as highlighted in the tab at top of workspace. All tabs look the same no matter which one is open!!
  3. Windows 10. eg. In Page Plus: click on Properties, click on Resource Manager
  4. How to find hard drive file location of photo uploaded to Affinity work space
  5. I have Pro Platinum Paper Designer offer three choices which I don't understand which to choose: <PMW> 2/3 Photo Paper Pro Platinum <PT> 1/2 " " " " <PT> 3 " " " "
  6. Microsoft Publisher and Serif Page Plus have templates for making folded greeting cards without having to make parts of card upside down. Does Affinity Designer or Publisher have Greeting Card templates?
  7. I have hundreds of documents in Page Plus (greeting cards, flyers, brochures). Can I upload these into Designer to edit and print?
  8. Thanks for trying. Yes I have latest Affinity This started happening two updates ago. Now it is on again off again. Works then ten minutes later, same photo, it stops working. I just checked now and it is working.
  9. Clicking Layers /Live Projection / Perspective shows grid but no dialogue box and does NOTHING. Clicking on the Perspective Tool in the Tool Bar shows grid and dialogue box and does Nothing But later it works properly. But opening again five minutes later it does Nothing
  10. What must I do for Affinity to see and open photos downloaded from Google docs?
  11. Is Affinity Photo planning to cooperate with Alien Skin for plug in? Alien Skin's Blow Up for quality enlarging is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Light Room. They gave the impression that Affinity Photo will not work with them ?!?!?
  12. I want to print a photo to a specific size (eg 11x17") I tried this by cropping to the specific inches but the printer (Canon Pro 100) prints to the full size Canon paper (A3+ / 13x19 paper.)
  13. To DWright: The video link you sent is the way Affinity used to work before updates. I described this in my first entry. I wish it was still worked this way. One big example is that no dialogue box appears when I use the drop down menu from Layers at top; of page. To Gary: the Gif demo was helpful but it goes too fast and I can't control - pause repeat section - to follow the steps 1) I couldn't figure out where you started. You move vert/horz blue lines to match painting, but where did these line come from. 2) I didn't see where you got the Perspective dialogue on right, that doesn't show when I choose from top Layers menu Live Proj/ Pers.Proj. 3) When i do #2 the grid shows, I can line up corners with painting as you did, but then nothing happens, there is no Apply, no dialogue window AND I can't get rid of it - even with Cnrl Z or History slider back to beginning.
  14. I have not used Affinity Photo for months and this is an old issue that no one has been able to explain in spite of some very fine and totally complicated attempts. Situation: I have photos of framed oil painting where the camera was not at the correct right angle. A couple of Affinity updates ago there was a wonderfully simple adjustment using the Live Projection Layer / Perspective Projection. I simply clicked on the corners of the grid (or the frame with grid hidden) and adjusted until the picture frame sides were a right angles. Simple and Marvelous. Also a dialogue box appeared for added choices like show or hide grip Now It is a totally frustration. It's not consistent, sometimes nothing. The manual gives directions With an image open, from the Layer menu, choose Live Projection>Perspective Projection. An initial perspective plane will be added covering the image. Drag the four corner nodes to align the plane to a particular area within the image (e.g., vanishing point). huh? Select any tool, adjustment or filter to automatically project the plane to a flat 2D canvas. huh? Using the appropriate tools, make your edits. huh? Once finished with the chosen perspective plane, select the Move Tool, then from the context toolbar, choose Edit Live Projection. To add additional perspective planes: Whilst in the Edit Live Projection mode, from the context toolbar, choose Add Plane. Transform the second plane using its corner nodes. Select between multiple planes by clicking anywhere on them.
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