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  1. Thanks again for testing this out with me! I have downloaded the most recent build via TestFlight and it seems that the mentioned issues are taken care of. However I will update you guys on that as soon as I get some time to thoroughly test more files. Great community and support, guys. I really appreciate it.
  2. GReddy

    Refine selection crashes

    Hi, happens occasionally on my iPad Air 2, too. And yes, smart and refine selections works pretty slow, but I use an outdated CPU anyways.
  3. Hi, Thanks for taking a look into this, too. I really appreciate the help! I have thought about the issue again and don‘t think it‘s a RAM issue or hardware issue in general. Since the Pro 10,5 and 9,7 also have only 2GB of RAM and AP seems to run alot better on them. But I have to say the storage space on my iPad is nearing it‘s limit. I have less then 8 GB of free space left. Plus I am using iOS 11 beta build 4 ... Now I am not aware of how iOS handles less free space nowadays, but it might be worth mentioning. My .NEF files are about 21-22 MB size. Though I don‘t know how the different RAW files are being handled by AP. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't aware of a beta program and am definately interested in participating, since I think that not many people with an older / slower iPad are using AP on iPad to get their RAW workflow done...
  5. Hello, I am using an iPad Air 2 64GB and plan to move my RAW workflow from my PC to my iPad. Unfortunately my iPad struggles as soon as I use the noise reduction filter in the Photo Persona. After several crashes I tried to return to the Develop Persona (I am processing RAW files) but without success, since the app crashes there, too. So the steps I do are: Apply the filter on the pixel layer (Photo Persona) Zoom in to get a closer look on darker areas of the photo which contain noise Use the "Before/After"-Splitscreen to get an immediate look at the results Apply some adjustments to the filter After some adjustments the app crashes. The noise reduction also applies a little slow, but I can come to terms with that since I am using an older iPad with less CPU power. And for some more background information: I am using a Nikon D5300 and I mostly process the .NEF files of it, which get spoted via iCloud Drive and Photos app without a problem. Maybe I should add that I am currently using the iOS11 Beta build 4...But I had problems like that with iOS10, too, but it didn't matter at that time since I was only trying to process some test shots at the beginning. I was looking for a similar topic on the web and via the forum search but couldn't find anything like it, so I suggested starting a new topic is okay. Thank you!