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  1. Rick deckard

    Bad jpeg quality

    Hi, i’m creating jpegs from my AP files and I am constantly having bad quality results. JPEGs appear to be slightly blurry and I can see artifacts even when setting the export to 95% quality. Anyone shares this issue? thanks!
  2. Rick deckard


    Thank you.
  3. Rick deckard


    Thank you MEB, for your quick reply. I bought AP a few days ago and i find it really good and well designed. So, if i set the time to 30, it will autosave every 30 seconds, and if set to the max (2700) it will autosave every 2700 seconds (45 minutes) ? Regarding translation, i spotted some "issues", not litteral translations, but more on the meaning side and what an action implicates. I'll definitely write them down and let you know. What i can see right now is a spelling mistake i think on the preference page, regarding the Autosave section. It says "le entre les enregistrements autom...". There must be a missing word at the beggining of the sentence.
  4. Rick deckard


    Hi all, I am using AP on my ipad pro. Language is set to French, and translation from English is not perfectly accurate. How to configure autosave in order to make the most frequent backups possible? Minimum is 30, but is it 30 seconds..? or else..? maximum is 2700 but what does it refer to..? Thanks!

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