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  1. I just imported it directly from Photos. It must of been converted in the import process. I know it is a RAW image in my Photos library but all of my images are optimized so the full image is stored in the cloud. Is there a way to have Photos upload a copy of the RAW image?
  2. Thanks so much for trying to help! My camera is the canon 6D not the Mark I or II. It is a full frame DSLR and on the supported list. The RAW images were loaded first into Photos on my Mac then they sync with iCloud and my iPad Pro and they I import them into Affinity. I attached a sample photo from Photos. IMG_4801.CR2
  3. Greeting All, Sorry for a sort of repost here but with some playing around I noticed something new with the RAW import issues. When I go to import a RAW images from Photos, I select an image with the RAW icon in the bottom left corner of the image. It opens but in the "picture" persona and not the "Develop" persona. In addition when I check the Camera icon on the right only the histogram is displayed and no other info about the image. BUT when I first do a test edit within Apple Photos and then import that image into Affinity Pro, it will open in the "Develop" persona. Interestingly, when I go to import in this way the image in Photos no longer has the RAW icon in the bottom left corner and yet it opens as I said in the "develop" persona and when I click on the camera icon all the Camera metadata/setting etc are listed. BTW I am using the iPad Pro 10.3.3 and a Canon 6D camera. Any help would be appreciated. I still can't use this for my editing and it looks so promising. Matthew
  4. I bought the Apps just before the last update and was never able to open RAW file directly from Photos. I posted this issue and a moderator said it was a known problem and was being worked on. I check back every week or so and when I saw the latest update as I posted previously it appears to be opening the RAW file but just not in the develop persona. My camera is a Canon 6D which is on the supported list.
  5. ... Sorry I meant the RAW image opens in the "Photo" persona rather than the "Develop" persona. I assume this is a bug and that the image I am seeing is not actually a RAW image once it is in the "photo" persona. Am I doing something wrong ? Is there something different I need to do when opening a RAW image? Sorry for the double post. Matthew
  6. Hello All, Thanks to the new update I can apparently finally open RAW files from Apple Photos on my IPad. However, I noticed that they do not open in the "develop" persona but rather in the picture persona as if they were a JPEG. Also, I've notice that when I press on the "Camera" icon on the right hand side of the window except for a histogram non of the other metadata from the camera is listed. I only shoot in RAW and everything is stored in apple photos so dispite being very excited to use Affinity Pro, these issues have kept me from really diving in and leaning this program. Any help would be very much appreciated! Matthew
  7. I too am having this trouble. I was finally able (after the update) to open a raw image from Photos. But only one image. When I tried to open a second i get the spinning wheel and the loading image sign. Also, when the RAW images opens it does not open in the RAW persona Matthew
  8. Matthewob

    Raw image wont open from Photos

    I'll not quite sure what you mean since the problem seems to be trying to get the image to open when it is stored in iCloud. I haven't tried opening a raw image that's already downloaded on my iPad. Do you want me to upload a raw image to the link you provided?
  9. Matthewob

    Raw Import to Photos issue

    So for now is there any work around or do I have to sit tight and just wait for the next update? Will it be announced when this issue is fixed? Thanks so much for getting back to me so promptly Matthew
  10. Hello All, I just started to use AP for ipad and the Raw images wont load from Photos. There is black screen with a spinning wheel and a the words "loading from Photos" but the photo never loads. The jpeg images that were shot with my iPhone load great. I shot the Raw images with a Canon 6D. I've tried uninstalling the App and reinstalling and the problem still exists. Any help would be appreciated. I shoot almost exclusively Raw so I can't use this at all at the moment. So Bummed I've been waiting for this ipad version for a year! Thanks in advance for any advice! Matthew
  11. Hello, I just purchased the ipad version and the Raw images wont open. The screen stays black with the spinning wheel and "loading from Photos" displayed. My camera is a Canon 6D which I believe is supported and the images are stored in iCloud. The images which were taken with my iPhone will import but not the RAW images. Any thoughts?

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