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  1. it souds clear for me. Thank you! But, I was wondering if there is a limit for a quantity of layers, becouse my map has hundreds of elements... I'm including file with small part of the map for better understanding. aeroporto.pdf
  2. Thank you for answer. But it is possible to use this tool for whole layer or selection, becouse i have maps with lot of single elements? Or maybe multichange for selected color?
  3. Hello, i was wondering if Affinity Designer has possibility to convert vector elements (selecting by layers) from color CMYK (or RGB) to CMYK but only in black K. I have to prepare black and white maps for printing and file is in CMYK with all colors, but lines are in greyscale. So to have better quality i have to change CMYK colors only for K (black). I can't find information about this at web page. I'm using Affinity Photo as Photoshop alternative - and it is really good for my needs. Thank you! bests Aerobie