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  1. Same here, have had to give up on this for now as I can’t waste anymore time with it, just hopeless at the moment. Both Snapseed and Pixelmeter are solid apps that between them can do most if not all of what I currently needed to do with Affinity, plus both can do it all without ever having to watch endless YouTube tutorial videos just to figure out how to do the simplest adjustment. I must say that there have been times using this app when it felt like I was on that old game show the krypton factor trying to solve a puzzle without any clues, just to make a seemingly simple tweak such as making a selective colour adjustment to grass for instance can feel like an experiment, a time consuming experiment at that, which might be ok if only I wasn’t sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it to crash again. I really think this app should have been given away for free until it was fit for purpose so that those who just might have the time and inclination to play with it could beta test it properly but to charge £20 to be a beta tester is a little disappointing as far as I am concerned. Let’s hope at some point in the future they get this thing stable but I can honestly say that this has not been an enjoyable experience for me at all, the time spent messing with this thing has gone forever and life is just too short as it is.
  2. Just updated to ver1.6.4 on my iPad Air 2 and it seems like they fixed a lot of stuff in this release. I tried noise reduction in both develop and photo personas a number of times and it didn't crash once and the response is so much better as it is with things like in painting which used to be really slow but is now pretty good, also smart select and refine which I found to be to be totally unusable before is now working great! Well done Serif good work much appreciated.
  3. Chris B, thanks for your reply nice to know you guys are listening to what the users are saying, much appreciated.
  4. Yes I played with this again today but could not get it to crash this time so seems intermittent, hope this is a bug and not iPad Air related as don't really want to have to shell out over £600 just to run this app.
  5. OK so I tried this two more times and it crashed on third attempt, this time I had masked the background though using the smart select tool and was attempting to apply noise reduction to background only and as soon as I zoomed in and made the adjustment it crashed.
  6. same here, but I think I read somewhere that refine is broken anyway so assumed it was a known bug.
  7. GReddy FWIW I am also using Air 2 and have just tried the noise reduction filter myself for the first time just to see if I could reproduce what you are seeing and although I could not get it to crash I do agree it is a pretty laggy taking some 4 or 5 seconds for each adjustment to take effect, and about two or three seconds to undo, but it also took what seemed like forever to complete once I had finished and hit the ok tick to apply the change, so long that I thought it had hung but it did eventually come back in the end and I was able to then add some other adjustments and filters and then export the edited photo ok. The file I used was a 24Mp .ARW raw file from Sony A77 which was fairly noisy to begin with and this is what I did: Note I first tried the noise reduction adjustment in the develop persona on the RAW file which was also pretty laggy, then I hit develop and did pretty much as you described above in the Photo Persona. I do get the occasional crash but it seems to never be the same thing twice, the last time it crashed I was simply undoing changes via the history studio but on the whole it appears to be just about usable for me at the moment on the Air 2 but if the beta version is an improvement over 1.6.3 then I might just give it a go myself.
  8. I know this question was answered by MEB but I still struggled with what I feel should have been a very simple adjustment, I just wanted to darken the sky and lighten the beach for example but the YouTube tutorial is for the pc version and I spent hours trying to figure this out so for anyone else still scratching their head this is what I have found by trial and error works for me. Objective to darken sky and lighten beach 1.Add new fill Layer Picture>Layers Studio> + >New fill layer Now have blank grey screen 2.Select Gradient tool and drag from top down. 3.Layer Studio> ... > Change blend mode from Normal to Overlay Should now see picture again 4.Colour Studio>Grey Sliders 5.Select/highlight top node/circle of Gradient line and change grey slider down to darken the top of picture/sky. 6.Select bottom node/circle and change slider up to make bottom of picture/beach lighter Done
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