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  1. I've loaded a file and changes my wishes slightly. I'm wanting to broaden all these lines,
  2. Newbie here! I'm wanting to increase the width of all lines (but not all the same width). How should I be approaching this? I got as far as creating a new file and pasting the image into it and converting it to a Curve. When I apply the stroke option and use the width tool it only increases the outside edges of the file - does not affect any of the lines in the image. Could someone give a process for achieving this?
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. I've been working on the attached file and you will see that I do have masks as children in some layers. Layer "grass at FW" is an example where I can't get the blur filter to be a mask. When I apply the blur filter it blurs the layer, there is no additional layer and the change is solid. I cannot alter the blur. The Assistant Manager has the "Add filter as new layer". What could be the cause of this? BnWof_draft_7a.afphoto I see the cause: "Go to Layer > Live Filter Layer > Blur or whatever filter ..." Thank you.
  4. I understand that when one makes and adjustment or filter it should automatically create its own layer. and if one wants it to be a mask one can drag it onto the image layer. This has worked for me in the past, but at the moment I cannot make get a layer to appear. When I try to mask this image with a blur filter it only blurs the image layer and does not create its own layer. What am I missing? main_tree.afphoto
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