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  1. This is a very frustrating forum. Is there a video how to use the gradient tool on the iPad version? Please help.
  2. Sorry, I've tried this and this is not accurate.
  3. kamphoto

    Affinity Crashes A Lot

    With the iOS 11 update I can import RAW photos to Panorama. However, crashing happens far too often for my taste. I really am of two distinct views: when it works (i.e. dodge and burn) it works well; any complex adjustment crashes. This is extremely annoying. Why are bug updates so few??
  4. I bought Affinity and my iPad Pro two weeks ago. While in general I think Affinity is good there are many bugs, which make it difficult to use compared to Lightroom mobile (I am a Creative Cloud subscriber). Affinity crashes far too often. The Panorama module in Affinity won't accept RAW photos. And, most annoying, many times when I am in Develope module if I happen to touch the wrong, arbitrary spot on my screen my work is deleted with no history to retrieve it!! It goes into Photo module and the history is blank. I do not like to waste time when I am charging clients for post-processing. Luckily I am only testing Affinity. Please correct these issues or suggest a way to resolve some of them.
  5. kamphoto

    Can't stitch raw files

    I have a Nikon D750 and Affinity will not stitch my raw files. Please help.

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