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  1. Hi MEB, thanks for your reply. I tested saving the file with unchecked Embed Metadata. Issue still remains - black image in Capture NX-D. Also I tested the problematic photo with Nikon Capture NX-2 and the result is a bit different. After file is opened the image is filled with black and there is a message Updating image. After some time (several seconds) the real image appears. However if I try to apply Unsharp Mask the image turns to black. It happens to both files with Metadata and without. Exporting file with Capture NX-2 does not solve the problem.
  2. Hello, I'm experiencing a strange problem - some jpeg files turn to plane black after exporting in Affinity Photo (AP). Let me explain. First I saw it on v1.4. I could even see the problem using mac preview, images would be simply black. I even stopped using AP for that reason. In AP v1.5.2 things got better, mac preview shows images. However my workflow includes Nikon Capture NX-D. And here I experience the issue again. So, Nikon software can't open some files, to be more precise, it opens but I see nothing but black. It happens randomly and only to files exported or edited and saved by AP. I never had that issue with files exported from other photo editors. Attached is a file which I adjusted in AP and re-saved, and since then I'm not able to see the image in Nikon software. Screenshot from NX-D is also attached. I really like the AP latest updates (macros, batch) and would like to use it, but this little thing with export stops me at the moment. I also have tried the beta version (1.6.4 beta4) with the same result, I mean I opened the problematic file and reexported it, the same result in nikon software. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong while exporting the images, but it only happens to Affinity Photo and it happens randomly. Could you please help me with this?
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