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  1. I'm having some trouble figuring out the best workflow for switching from working on documents on my Desktop (iMac) to my iPad. A couple times I have lost changes I made to my document by somehow saving an older version from one device over the newer version on another device. Can anyone offer some tips for keeping everything straight and not saving over changes? Should I always close out of files on my ipad each time I am done working on them? Or can I leave both the ipad document and the same document open on my mac and Affinity will just seamlessly update them both as needed? I noticed one time that a file open on both devices had the title appended with "Modified" on the desktop after I saved it on my iPad, making me think that Affinity recognizes a new file version and automatically shows the newer version without needing to close and re-open a file. All my documents are stored in iCloud, and I open them in Designer on iPad using the "Open From Cloud" function, not the "Import from Cloud" function.
  2. Yup that fixes everything! Good catch. Perhaps I somehow nested that overall group there on accident? Thanks again!
  3. I submitted it to Dropbox. Thanks for your help!
  4. I opened an .afdesign document in Affinity designer for iPad that I had created on my Mac. I think I recall the initial file size being around 200 MB. I worked on it for a little while on my iPad, but there was a moment where the content on my art boards just disappeared. I now have like 9 art boards that appear empty. However I can still see the content in the layers studio and in the layers studio thumbnails. It’s not an issue of layers being hidden or anything; it’s definitely y a bug. The file size is now 154MB, so I’m not sure if any data was lost or if having opened the document on my ipad for the first time it was somehow able to optimize the file size. Closing the document and reopening, closing Designer and reopening, and restarting my ipad do nothing to fix the issue; every time I open the file now on my iPad the content is not visible. I’m hoping if I open the file in Designer on my Mac that all the content will still be there and be visible (and not lost forever), but I am not home with a Mac to test it. For example, the circled art board in the attached should be showing a pink Chuck Taylor shoe (both the reference jpeg and the vector version I had started to create), but they are only visible in the layers studio, not the actual art board. UPDATE: I got home and opened the file in Designer on my MacBook, and it looks just like it does on my iPad; the layer content does not show on the dartboards, but it is still in the layers studio. I then picked one of the main artboards and copied all the layers on it and pasted them into a new Designer file, and all the layer content appeared immediately. So the issue is clearly that the layer content is not showing, and that issue is saved into the file itself somehow since it is still an issue when opening on the full desktop version of the file, but the layer data is still in the file somewhere since it appears when copying to a new file.