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  1. moving an artboard is very sluggish (even when it's empty) when I duplicate an existing artboard and move the copy somewhere else, it's very sluggish as well... AFD can freeze a second or two before starting to move very erratically an artboard (even if it's a very simple one, with not too many elements in it). it's very hard to position an artboard, it's quite irritating. It's also "clipping" quite severely when passing an artboard over another artboard.. it used to be so responsive and snappy... I have an imac 17.1, i7 4ghz with 16Gb of Ram running on Mac0S Mojave 10.14.6 (+ Radeon R9 M395X 4Go)
  2. I was wondering if the "Studio Link" would work if one only have Designer + Photo (without publisher) for example... I'm not sure it's the case. Thanks!
  3. the ctrl+launch and reset everything worked! alleluia! thanks a lot!
  4. Hi MEB, thanks a lot for your reply... unfortunately I've tried your "reset setting" solution as well but I still have that weird brush... :-/ (and tried to close and reopen affinity photo after resetting everything... but it's not changing anything)
  5. Hi, Since I've purchased/install Affinity photo on my mac, the brush tool is configured this way and I don't know what I should do to just have a "dull" single round shape brush... NB: I've already try to uninstall/reinstall Affinity photo... but the brush tool always get back to the attached screenshot by default... can someone help me ? Thanks a lot!
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