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  1. Isn’t it odd that DPI would matter with a structured graphic of a certain size?
  2. So I found an interesting bug the hard way – after printing some vinyl at the wrong size (56” instead of 18”). I had a logo in a file sized to the correct size (18” long). There was a bunch of other stuff in the file I didn’t need, so I copied it. I hit “New from Clipboard” thinking it would have the same scale. Instead it created a file 56” wide, which I didn’t notice until the vinyl arrived back 4½ feet long. I assume that’s not expected behaviour.
  3. Thanks. That WhackedRGB file is a test file to make sure color profiles are working. If you open it and everyone is purple, something is going wrong with the color profile.
  4. Opening a Webp files with a color profile (other than sRGB) seems to fail. The profile is not recognized. A message appears saying the untagged file will be assigned the working profile. PDI_Target_WhackedRGB.webp