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  1. Hi jhoy, I tried your suggestion to reopen while holding down the CTRL key, but I don't see the "clear" key you mentioned. Regardless, the inpaint brush and clone brush are now working as they should. Thank you for your help. Now I can continue my efforts to try and learn Affinity Photo and replace Photoshop. Tom L.
  2. I'm an AP newby and I'm trying to use the Inpainting Brush and the Clone Brush. I'm working on a background jpeg layer (single layer file) and I have Opacity and Flow set to 100% when using the Inpaint brush. I paint an area, which gets covered in red. When the progress bar is done the red area is only slightly covered. I still can see the area I intended to change but it looks like the opacity of the brush tool was set to about 50%. I have to apply the inpaint brush 3 times to cover the area. The Clone Brush does the same thing. Is there some setting I'm missing? Thanks in advance, Tom L.
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