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  1. so I found a copy of my file (nothing is lost in the end). But there is something wrong with that file, I can open it, but not save it, when I save it I get the same error as above and the original file is destroyed. When I copy all contents of the file to a new Affinity Designer document, then I can save the file.
  2. Affinity Designer 1.8.1 told me it could not save my file because of an internal error and that I should contact the developer. I thought: no big deal, as I didn't really change anything. I closed affinity and double clicked my affinity file and then I saw that the file was 0 bytes. Basicly Affinity Designer destroyed the file. I lost a lot of work. But it is my fault, I should have known better and take backups. The mac just came back from sleep, Affinity Designer has been open sinds the 1.8.1 update, never closed it, and that destroyed document was also open since then. If you need more information to debug this issue, I'm heppy to help, I'm a developer myself so I have the technical skills to provide you whatever you need to solve this issue.
  3. Okay, thanks for the info. I'll wait until a new beta comes out.
  4. When opening a raw file on the iPad app black spots appear, see attach No, these are not tattoos :) I opened the raw files from iCloud. This also happens when I copy the raw to the Photos app and import from there I’m running iOS 11 public beta 3 on an iPad Pro 10.5” on the desktop version this doesn’t happen. Is this a known bug ? When will it be fixed ? Because if it will take long, I’ll ask for a refund in the AppStore as this makes the app unusable for me.
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