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  1. I found out that I had a wrong driver for my monitor, I installed the right one and now the problem is fixed! Affinity Designer now displays the same colors as the rest of the programs.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I'm using the default color profiles for every document and also for Affinity Designer itself. I think this problem is not a problem in the documents, but in Affinity Designer itself. The colors of the UI are off too. If I open Designer without opening a document, the colors of the assets in the Assets panel are off too. I tried to reinstall Designer, but it did not help.
  3. Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this at the right place, but I have a problem in Affinity Designer on Windows. The colors of the program are not the right colors. When I export a file, the colors are right. I attached a screenshot of an exported image on the left and Affinity Designer on the right. How can I fix this problem? I can't see what colors I use when I'm designing, only when I export it. The problem applies to any document I open/create and also applies to the UI of the program. This makes it very hard to design. Sincerely, Tijmen