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  1. Vegdo

    Overlay Eraser bugg

    so i have to wait now for an update ?
  2. Vegdo

    Overlay Eraser bugg

    But i my other treath i wrote that i have overall a very slow and buggy perfomance of AP. The performance of the overlay brush and eraser is so slow that i have to wait like 2sek for one line to draw. maybe this problems hang togehter ?
  3. Vegdo

    Overlay Eraser bugg

    I made some test with different sizes for you. But i have these problem with any brush size and any hardness. 1. 500px 50% 2. 500px 0% 3. 1000px 50% 4. 1000px 0 % 5. 2000px 50%
  4. Vegdo

    High CPU usage (unusable)

    i downloaded the beta and it has the same slow performance.
  5. Vegdo

    Overlay Eraser bugg

    I created a new user account on my macbook but nothig changed
  6. Vegdo

    Overlay Eraser bugg

    i am using the 13" 2.3GHz dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory 256GB SSD storage1 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 Two Thunderbolt 3 ports I didn't get what you mean with creating a new user account ? Do you mean the user account of the MAC ?
  7. Vegdo

    High CPU usage (unusable)

    Yeh i mean that i cant use the overlay brush or the eraser without laggs. Some times it is so slow that i have to wait like 2-3s. I will download the beta when getting home. and give it a try
  8. Hi for me got AP like unusable. I am using the latest Macbook Pro 2016. I get a CPU usage over 350% when just using the overlay brush in RAW edeting. I read in a post that it could be antivirus, i deleted my antivirus. Than i tried pressing ctrl while opening AP and reset all and i reinstalled the APP. I am using a sony alpha 6300 with a resolution 6000x4000. But i have these high CPU usage also while just using the Stamp tool or any other normal operation. I would be very thankful for any help
  9. Hi, i have this problem with using the overlay eraser in RAW edeting. when i am trying to erase i get this circles. ?
  10. Vegdo

    Cant change brushsize

    It worked, thank you :)
  11. Hello, i am new here I had this problem that the left Toolbar got lost and the right one with the layers also. I fixed that problem, but after that i cant change any brushsize. The bar with all settings for the brush doesn't open. I made the full reset of AP when starting it and pressing cntrl and after that i full reinstalled the App. but it still doesnt work. I am very grateful for any help or advice

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