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  1. That's the first place I looked for the option…oops! Well, thank you all for helping me figure that out. As you might have guessed, I'm pushing to get some art finished… Still think some sort of comprehensive manual would help…then I wouldn't have to bother you good people!
  2. Gear Maker: Hey, thanks. You're right about AP not having a stroke panel equivalent. (Well, there oughta be one! ) My solution: I opened the EPS logo in AD, found the stroke panel (clearly I don't use AD as much as AP), checked the Stroke With Object and scaled the logo down to roughly what I need it to be. Then I copied and pasted it into my AP illustration. Strangely, I can now scale the logo WITH appropriate stroke proportionality in AP, so now I won't have to rasterize it. I still can't choose if I want the stroke to scale or not within AP. But this works for me right now. I hope Affinity is taking notice that I shouldn't have to open a totally separate app just to be able to scale a vector object the way I need it. They also should include better documentation with the apps. Thanks, forum people!
  3. Hello: I have an existing EPS logo I'm adding to a photo illustration and want to shrink it first, then maybe rasterize it. But when I shrink it, the strokes remain the same thickness and do not scale proportionally. If I were working in Adobe Illustrator, this is a simple preference that can be checked or unchecked. But I can't find any sort of preference like that in Affinity Photo. I tried opening it in Designer, but it similarly didn't have an option to keep strokes the same proportion. So how do I keep the vector strokes the same proportion when scaling? This is one of the MANY frustrations I've had with Photo! While Photo does have easier ways to edit PHOTOS, it's hard for me to use it for GRAPHIC raster-based illustrations the way I did with Photoshop (lack of bitmap mode, lack of raster stroke selection, etc.) Thanks.