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  1. hi, thank you, i'm beginning to understand,
  2. question from a beginner, when I express a file as jpeg in the best quality, then the size of the file doubled, how is this possible?
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. Forgive my stupidity but I don't get it ... I just switched to digital photography. My original jpeg photo has a size of 15.1 mb, I only now see that when I save it as an affinty file the size becomes 46 mb and after editing and export it is 29.39 mb. What is the reason that after editing a file gets bigger and what is the difference in data information? Is this normal with affinty? Usually a jpeg file becomes smaller after editing or am I missing something?
  4. As an absolute beginner, i just sold my darkroom, i have a beginner question. What is the best sequence to process a jpg file? What is the best sequence of adjustment of light, color, contrast and wich tools can i use best?

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