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  1. Windows User here. Can't believe that this still isn't fixed. I really love this software but it seems that major problems are not solved. If problems like these are brought up here, there is always an excuse like "You need more time to develop" or "This problem is fixed in the next update". I mean, I understand that you maybe have a small team and I know that development takes it's time. But if you want to compete to the big players, you need to go for exactly the things, your users are asking for. The things that lay around for months and nobody cares about (like it seems; and I don'tonly speak about Fuji RAW integration). For the first month I got my Fuji cam, I needed to stick with Adobe because nobody supported these files. And I really don't like this company. Now... month later, I found out about another company that actually adresses a lot of usability problems, a lot of people had with Adobe and guess what, they are actually a dangerous competitor for the big ones now. You could do this too. If you have a quality management, you should adress these things. Sorry about the complaints, please understand these as recommondations.
  2. Hi there! I need an advice in the following task: I want to have the exact same corner, that I have on the left side of this L-shape, on the inner (right) side of the shape. Can you provide a simple way to achieve this? Cheers, Robin.
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