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  1. jeffcarlson

    Re-entering Develop Persona Resets Values

    Hi MEB, Thanks. I just rewatched the tutorial again (below), and realized that when he goes back into Develop (see 1:19), the values are back at zero. I thought they had retained their previous values. So if I bake raw settings into the file when I first develop it, but then want to go change those settings, do I have to scrap it entirely and start over? Or, by returning to the Develop persona, am I making destructive edits? Thanks much for your assistance.
  2. I opened a raw file, applied adjustments in the Develop persona, and clicked the Develop button. Next I applied some adjustments in the Photo persona. If I want to go back into the Develop persona and make a change to the raw settings (such as changing Lens Correction), everything is set back to 0%—it's not retaining the last Develop state. This must be a bug, because there's a tutorial video on the site that shows this working. Thanks, Jeff