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  1. LKain

    Wrong exporting on iPad

    Hi James, this is not hdr merge. i applied some effect and adjustments. i thought the problem was the ICC Trasform because if I select it on display the image results like the "wrong final image", so I didn't select it. if I play with dark tools or exposition etc the image is still different. It loses details if I select ICC. Now I noticed it's a RGB (HDR) i don't remember now if this work was 3 merged images or another. anyway, if this is a HDR merge, how do I get to keep the look I want when exporting?
  2. LKain

    Wrong exporting on iPad

    Hi Chris and thanks for the answer. i tried to export in jpeg and png format. format pixel is "Use document format" jpeg best quality area "entire document" ICC profile "use the document profile" resampling "bilinear" if i try to export in png format the depth is png-24 What image do I attach to? original or the wrong one?
  3. Hey there, i need your help I have a problem when i exporting an edited image with Affinity Photo for iPad. i don't know if I wrong something or it's a bug. i attach two images. One is the editing (a screenshot from Affinity interface), the correct image. Another one is what it saves on my iPad. it's totally different and wrong. why? i tried to change format and some options but the result is same. i don't know what's happens thanks for helping