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  1. thanks, this is very useful information! I can't wait to be able to use it in practice.
  2. Your tips inspire me, tell me are you making black and white photo? It seems to me interesting this direction of professional photography.
  3. You really help everyone who likes to take photos! Thanks for this info.
  4. This is an interesting topic, I'm also looking for something like that.
  5. I like what you are saying, thanks for the info!
  6. I was an Adobe fan for years (2001 ~ 2015) and used it daily in my professional projects and personal endeavors until late last year when I discovered it through my purchase of an iPhone. The WIN version works well enough to finally ditch the monthly payments to Adobe and bring all my work to Affinity earlier this year.
  7. Affinity Photo, Acorn, and Pixelmator are all good. It will depend which features you use in Photoshop though. I would really struggle to use anything other than Photoshop itself. Price aside, I still think it’s the best.
  8. Hi, this is so interesting and useful for me, it's nice to see so many talented people here! I plan to do photo editing and would like to know if it's better to use photoshop? Can someone else help me) And maybe I'll need such things first - http://fixthephoto.com/raw-images-for-retouching To practice)
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