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  1. By the way, keep in mind this: "I made the shapes in adobe illustrator (latest version), then save it on files (iCloud), exported to AD and started to select shape by shape and drawing, finally I noticed that in some cases I was able to draw inside (which was amazing). l have a 12" iPad Pro 2017, iOS 11.4" Thanks a mill!
  2. Thank you so much, the file is uploaded now (PSD)
  3. Hey guys :) This is what I mean: Please check from 0:40 to 1:00 and 1:40 1:55 As you can see most of the time in the video it doesn't draw inside... IMG_4852.MOV
  4. Hey! Thanks for replying! Yes, I select the layer (with the arrow tool in pixel persona, which is the 1st tool on my left), then I pick the brush tool (just underneath the arrow) and star painting over the shape... sometimes it draws inside and others doesn’t, and it doesn’t matter how much times I try the same process, it just doesn’t paint inside in certain shapes... Do you need a video? I made the shapes in adobe illustrator (latest version), then save it on files (iCloud), exported to AD and started to select shape by shape and drawing, finally I noticed that in some cases I was able to draw inside (which was amazing). l have a 12" iPad Pro 2017, iOS 11.4 Cheers! :)
  5. Hey Chris, thanks! Yes, I have tried that, but it brakes the flow, so it randomly paints inside and outside... I could use the insert option before painting every shape but that process will take me longer... How can I know the layer type that applies? Cheers!
  6. Hey Guys! I've been using your AG app and is really amazing app... Specially when you paint over vector shapes... The issue comes when I have a vector artwork finished and want to add some texture with a brush, so I go to the pixel persona... With the arrow tool on the left I can select the shapes I want to add that texture, but I noticed that sometimes it draws inside the shape (clipping mask) and sometimes outside the shape... I thought I was making something wrong, but couldn't find a specific way to replicate either drawing inside or drawing outside... So it seems random to me, that's why I think it's a bug... Personally I would like to be able to draw directly inside the shapes (clipping mask) but other people wouldn't, so maybe it could be customisable somehow
  7. I really don't know, I'm quite new with AD... But I don't like that yellow line!
  8. I closed all the apps, but after 20min it appear it again... Then I just I pressed the home button from AD and entered again to my canvas and it didn't show that glitch again... I opened a new canvas with a photo from iCloud (directly), then I adjusted that image (from color to black and white + some levels adjustments), finally I started to draw with the pan tool (polygon)...
  9. Hey Chris! I had opened 65 apps... So I close them all (including AD)... Same issue appeared after 15-20min of use... Thanks!
  10. Exactly! it brakes the flow! I've made a video for you... I think you can appreciate much better what this issue is... I took an sketch from internet and started to trace it with the pen tool.. The problem gets evident on the roof tiles, where I have to zoom to make it properly, but I'm losing the picture detail and is difficult to understand what I'm drawing... And I really don't get that yellow line that appears sometimes... Thanks a mill IMG_4537.MOV
  11. Hey Guys! I really want to get involved into the improvements of this app, so I will be posting the bugs or issues I'll find. Here is the glitch screenshots, that makes the image (pixel) go crazy... happened to me twice (the first time I reseted the app and it solved the problem) but it appeared again... 12" Ipad Pro 2017 (iOS 11.3) Thanks!
  12. Hi guys! I was expecting this app for iPad quite time long, and finally is here and I really love it. Congratulations for this super app! Ok, here it is what I think could be a bug: When I use the pen tool and want to trace a complex illustration, it selects other nodes that are near and deselect my actual shape/path so it creates a new shape... It seems like the area where you can select a node is very big, so I have to make a big zoom in to put more nodes closer to each other... And sometimes my shape gets deselected for no reason (even when there aren't nodes around)... This happens quite often to me with my Apple Pencil I couldn't find a setting where to fix this... I like to work fast, making nodes very close to each other, but in this app is really hard to do it, and what it can take me 30min on Illustrator it could take me hours on Affinity Designer... Maybe is just the matter of adding a option where you can modify how big or small you want the area to select or move a node so it doesn't get in conflict with the path/shape you are creating... You can keep that "area" bigger on the 1st node your create so it will be easier to close the shape/path Is this making sense? If not, I could record a video so you can get what I mean... I have a 12" iPad Pro 2017 (iOS 11.3) Anyway this app is just more than amazing!
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