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  1. Well, I noticed that gradients and also sometimes astro images are better when I develop and edit them in 32bits (I use Affinity fro RAW development from within photos). The strange thing (and why I think this is a bug) is that if I export a jpeg manually from within affinity, and name it and place it in this intermediate folder, photos picks it up and uses it fine. But when I just close and save it the normal way, the intermediate itself (independent of photos.app) looks hosed, as quicklook doesn't show the correct colours either. This bug has been reported a couple of times in the forums and once it was stated that it might be related to not embedding colour profile or sth, but the fact that exporting the jpeg manually doesn't produce the issue sounds like a clear bug to me.
  2. Hi, I import and shoot in Nikon RAW pretty much exclusively. When I "edit" a photo in Mac OS Photos.app, and from within photos.app open and edit it via the extension in affinity, I can develop it. The problem is if I choose 32bit HDR in the assistant, it displays fine in Affinity but when I close affinity, it looks blackish/dull in photos.app. When I select 16 bit it doesn't. It also doesn't happen when I manually export the image as jpeg, place it accordingly and switch back to photos.app. Could you please fix that bug?
  3. I have the same problem. All other extensions of Affinity work whereas "open in Affinity" doesn't work sadly. :-/ Is there anybody from affinity here who could tell me how to debug this? I'm unfamilar with Sierra's new logging infrastructure so not sure how we could pinpoint the failure point.