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  1. I have now done a complete reset but too still to no avail, while I can kind of get by but still annoying. Kind regards
  2. Hi, Many thanks for the quick reply. It was already set on auto scroll, this is also the case with a new document I did, just in case it was anything to do with the original one. Kind regards
  3. When you have multiple layers and you try to move one up you can only drag to the top of the current displayed layers. It would be nice for the layers to scroll up when you reach the top of the layer section. Kind regards 2021-03-30.afdesign
  4. Hi All, Many thanks for your insight and the solution on the cause, this image was a stitch of many images and I guess the artefact slipped in and I did not notice or should of looked a lot closer. I would like to thank you for your help in this matter Kind Regards C Wolland
  5. Hi, I've been working on a document in 32 bit mode, then started to add filters then this artefact appeared but this disappeared when downgraded to 16bit. I presume it is software bug? Kind Regards C Wolland 2017-03-16 artifact.afphoto
  6. Hi, I have been testing this with the group items with the selection in the current version this does not work but in the beta it kind of works but with display issues as per the attached jpg I have also attached the afphoto file as well as this might be a bug in the beta. "Or just me!" Kind Regards Grouped.afphoto
  7. Hi @GabrielM, Many thanks for pointing this out to me, it's quite strange that this is not done automatically. Kind Regard
  8. This may of been mentioned before and I do apologise if so. This was done in photo but I presume this happens with the others as well, I've chosen the donut Tool shape for which I've opened up to get part of one. The issue is with the size measurement being that it take the full size (left) of the donut instead of part size (right) of diagram attached. I had to rasterise the right image to illustrate the issue I was having Has this been over looked or is it a setting with I have not found yet? Kind Regards
  9. I would be nice to have lab colours in the colour chooser as per attached. Kind Regards
  10. Would it be possible to outline a font which is not available on your system but embedded in the PDF. Having the option of being able to outline if you want regardless. Kind Regards
  11. Being able to have guides in the "Develop Persona" this would help in manual lens adjustments.
  12. Hi carl123 I thanked MEB when I should of thanked yourself, Thank you for recognising this as a fault at least it wasn't just me and passing this on to the Development team also suggesting a interim solution. Kind Regards
  13. When the file attached is flattened pieces of the image go missing this is the same when exporting to tiff. I have also attached the screen shot of what it's doing. Or is it me!! Kind Regards Carsten 1005-1067.afphoto
  14. I have produced and document from a canon raw file and continue to work in 32 bit environment when I come to the end of working with that file and want to flatten or export as tiff 8 or 16bit this procedure hangs the program. Is there something I am doing wrong. Kind Regards
  15. It would be handy when making a spare channel you get the option of renaming it straight away instead of afterwards.
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