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  1. JoRoHo

    Ruler not accurate

    I just got an idea about something that might have caused this. Did some additional testing: problem is not AD, but a problem from a document I used. New test runs give a good output. Problem solved. :) Apologies for not thinking about this sooner <_< BewarenBewarenBewarenBewarenBewarenBewaren
  2. JoRoHo

    Ruler not accurate

    Recently bought Affinity Designer. I like it. Until I found out that the rulers are not accurate. I make decals for miniature models. Today I made my first one in AD. It appears that 10mm in real life is 12,5mm in AD :wacko: This means that AD for me is worthless for making things that need to be accurate when printed. I designed a decal with a length of 27mm, but in print it is approximately 20mm! I imported a 1 cm example from an other (accurate) program as svg into AD. See the pics for the shocking differences.