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  1. Unfortunately, I get an error saying "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" when I attempt to attach the PSD in the state that cannot be opened at all. If you would like, I can email you the file instead, just tell me where to send it. Thanks!
  2. My iPad model is the 12.9" (ML3K2LL/A). I am running iOS 10.3.2. I've attached a PSD from my iCloud Drive that I was unable to open in Affinity Photo. (It wouldn't work from Google Drive either, but for some reason this uploader isn't letting me attach it from that app.) Thanks for looking into this! UPDATE: I attempted to modify the post to include original attachment, which didn't upload, but the file is not attaching succesfully. I get an error saying "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file". (Curiously, the file's icon is the symbol for the app Viber, instead of the appropriate symbol for a photographic file.) However, I've been googling and messing around with these apps trying to figure this out, and I have a workaround. It's a bit cumbersome, and I'm not sure why this is an issue, but I suspect it's not only Affinity Photo that has the problem; it seems that Google Drive and iCloud Drive both have issues as well that are contributing to this problem. Anyway, here's my solution: Copy file from Google Drive to iCloud Drive. Rename file in iCloud Drive with .psd extension (the file will have already had a .psd extension in Google Drive, but it will disappear upon importing into iCloud Drive). Now you will be able to import the renamed file from iCloud Drive into Affinity Photo. If you want to import into Affinity Photo from Google Drive, you will have to copy the renamed file to Google Drive from iCloud Drive. Then it will allow you to import the renamed and re-copied file from Google Drive. I have attached a sample PSD (a file that I copied and renamed according to the above procedure) from Google Drive that I was eventually able to open successfully in Affinity Photo. So there's a bug with the file name extensions, I guess? HERMAN_SINK-ZONE_updated_0217_test.psd
  3. When I try to import a PSD from Google Drive on my iPad Pro, the file is visible in Drive, but grayed out. I tried to make a copy of the file, but the copy is also grayed out (actually, all PSDs in my Drive are inaccessible). I tried to use iCloud instead, and transferred a copy of the file to there, but it was– again– grayed out. I tried to look at Affinity Photo in my Settings on my iPad, but there was no information there at all. When I selected the app, the settings page was literally blank. I tried changing the language in the app (which was Default: English) to UK English, as I had read that sometimes issues resolved upon switching to that language… but no. I updated Affinity Photo. Nope. I closed Affinity Photo. I reopened it. Nope. I shut down my iPad. Turned it back on. Reopened Affinity Photo. NOPE. Googling the issue turned up basically nothing… there was one post that seemed to have had the same problem; it that stated the importing issue was resolved on June 28th, 2017 and said was in the next update. However, the most recent update is from June 15th, 2017. I am already updated to the current version of Affinity Photo (and my OS is up to date as well). Please help!