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    What is your native language? Es espanol? a mi me interesa ver si se puede programar el cut! saludos
  2. blackdakar634


    Hi Everyone! I'm also very interested in getting a vector line or cut contour colour, This affinity software is really cool but for me will very difficult to leave behind other Software!! because of there some important features that I really don't know where to find. As you might know Roland versaworks its a Rip software used for one of the most popular ranges of printers in the market. Nowadays other products make us the life easier comes already with a palette of colours like Cutcountuor, metallic colours etc. This Cutcountour colour, in particular, is very important for us! is how we command the plotter just cut and not print and this feature only works generating .EPS files. If someone Affinity expert can provide us more information about this topic will be great.