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  1. Perfect thanks! I can just add another 'pixel layer' then merge the two layers and that makes the grid reset to the new pixel layer. Much appreciated Garry.
  2. Hi, I've had a good search but haven't found an answer to a problem I am having. Hopefully someone can shed a bit of light on it. If you rotate an image using the 'Crop tool' when you then use the 'Mesh Warp Tool' or 'Perspective Tool' the warp grid and mesh have also been rotated by the same amount. Is there a way of rotating the warp mesh/grid separately to the image? Attached image shows an example. Thanks in advance
  3. Yes I've tried WARP, takes about as long. I have tried with quite a few settings changed in the preferences but none seem to make a noticeable difference. The image I sent over is just an example of the size of photo I generally work with, I have tried a few different ones from the same camera and the performance is the same.
  4. MEB, have you had a chance to investigate this any further? Thanks
  5. As requested here is an example image, this is pretty representative of the size I capture. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxeIG1DQZBDebHFpQ0xFbGVCczQ Regarding system specifications I have a i5 (2.5ghz) with 6GB of RAM so well above the recommended specs. It's certainly not a super computer but I have never had any problems with it before doing similar tasks (HDR rendering, photo-stitiching etc). Thanks
  6. Thanks for getting back to me so soon, I'm away from my PC until tonight but I will upload it then. I have tried it with a few different images from different cameras but had no luck so I'm pretty confident it's not image specific. Thanks
  7. Hi all, just downloaded my copy of affinity photo and having a look around. I'm experiencing very poor performance when switching to the tone mapping persona. With small images (500x500px) switching to the tone mapping takes about 30 seconds. With larger images (5000x5000px) it takes over 1.5 hours! Once the persona is loaded performance is fine. I have no performance issues with any other part of the software. I have in the past run, photoshop, lightroom, GIMP, Hugin and a few others on my machine and never experienced any issues when using similar tools to that of the tone mapping perso
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